Your Skilled Traffic Offense Lawyer in Roanoke, VA

Competent Legal Defense for Speeding, Reckless Driving, and DUI/DWI

James P. Cargill has nearly 30 years of experience successfully representing individuals who have been charged with or arrested for various traffic offenses including speeding, reckless driving, and DUI/DWI. It is important to realize that paying the fine does NOT make your traffic violation go away and that by paying the fine, you do admit guilt. I provide competent legal defense to assist you with fighting your fine and protecting your driving record.

Legal Assistance to Fight Your Speeding Ticket in Roanoke, VA

I offer competent and seasoned legal assistance to fight your speeding ticket received in or around the Roanoke, Virginia region. Speeding tickets are not considered minor infractions. The ramifications and effects of traffic violation/offense and speeding tickets will reverberate throughout your entire life, resulting in higher insurance premiums for years, possible license suspension or revocation, as well as the very real threat of loss of employment and a means to support yourself and your family. Do not underestimate the cost that a speeding ticket may have on your life.

The time and expense spent to contest a speeding ticket in Virginia is well worth the cost in almost every case. If your employment requires a commercial driver’s license (CDL), it is critical that you contact Attorney Cargill for prompt legal assistance as soon as you become aware of the existence of any speeding ticket that has been lodged against you.

Reckless Driving Defense Lawyer in Roanoke, VA

If you are facing charges or have been arrested for reckless driving in Roanoke, Virginia or the surrounding area, contact a seasoned defense lawyer immediately. James P. Cargill has approximately three decades of experience handling reckless driving charges and successfully representing clients to achieve the best possible outcome. I will help you understand the charges against you, present a strong defense, and explore options to have the charges reduced or dismissed.


Effective DUI/DWI Attorney in Roanoke, VA

If you have been charged with a driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI) offense in the Roanoke, Virginia area, it is critical to obtain competent, effective legal counsel from James P. Cargill immediately. A DUI/DWI is one of the most serious and devastating traffic violations and the effects can easily ruin your entire life. Aside from the injuries and deaths that can result from driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs, if you are convicted of this offense, you face various financial and criminal penalties, the loss of your license, as well as jail time, court-ordered participation in alcohol education programs, forced use of ignition interlock devices, as well as possible vehicle seizure and forfeiture. The financial penalties and restitution alone can exceed tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on the degree of damage and injuries caused. In addition, the lack of reliable transportation and missed work to participate in court-ordered classes frequently results in job loss. Don’t wait. Contact Attorney Cargill right away to learn about your options to keep your life from spiraling out of control.

If you are facing traffic offense violation charges, take charge of your future by calling James P. Cargill at: (540) 400-7381.