Criminal Defense Attorney in Roanoke, VA

Facing Drug, Assault, or Breaking and Entering Charges?

If you are under investigation or have been arrested for drug, assault, breaking and entering, or sex offense charges in Roanoke, Virginia or the surrounding areas, contact Attorney James P. Cargill right away. If you fail to act, you are likely to face significant losses, including your career and your freedom. Public opinion of those who have been charged with a criminal offense is highly negative. Assumptions are made and the general public tends to assume that the accused individual deserves to be punished, whether they are guilty or not.

Drug Possession and Distribution Defense Attorney in Roanoke, VA

In many cases, when individuals are accused of or arrested for an offense such as drug charges including possession and distribution in Roanoke, VA, they are not guilty. At James P. Cargill, P.C., Attorney at Law, I understand this distinction and have the experience to ensure that justice is properly served. The circumstances surrounding each criminal charge are different. Attorney Cargill works hard to ensure that the Court is able to review the facts as they actually exist. A successful criminal defense depends largely on the presentation of the case to the Court. Jurors must be presented with facts, rather than being allowed to make their own, often erroneous, judgments.

Criminal Defense Lawyer for Assault and Battery Charges in Roanoke, VA

With nearly 30 years of criminal legal defense experience, you can trust Attorney Cargill to provide the best possible presentation of your defense for charges of assault and battery in the courtroom. Your case will not be a “trial run” for Attorney Cargill. He understands the importance of presenting the strongest possible defense for your case. Rest assured that placing your trust in a lawyer with a proven track record of success is your optimal defense strategy in Roanoke, Virginia.


Successful Criminal Defense Attorney in Roanoke, VA

Attorney James P. Cargill is a successful criminal defense attorney in the Roanoke, Virginia region. He has a proven track record as a dedicated attorney and he understands that charges and arrests do not equal guilt. Attorney Cargill offers his clients a strong presence and legal representation in the courtroom and is able to critically examine the facts of your case to develop an excellent defense strategy. Your case is in the best hands when you choose James P. Cargill for your criminal defense.

Contact my office as soon as possible following your arrest or criminal charges. Keep my phone number programmed into your phone. I handle many types of legal issues for my clients. Virtually everyone will be in court at some point during their lives, whether for family law, criminal law, or other issues. Ensure that you have ready access to Attorney Cargill at all times to best avoid being the 1 in 15 people who will serve time in prison during his or her lifetime (Source: Office of Justice Programs Bureau of Justice Statistics). Call: (540) 400-7381.