Passionate Family Law Attorney in Roanoke, VA

Attorney James P. Cargill is a family law attorney serving residents in and around the Roanoke, Virginia region. With nearly 30 years of professional legal experience, he provides his clients with the strongest possible representation. At James P. Cargill, P.C., Attorney at Law, I understand that family law issues and disputes are among the most stressful issues with which an individual or family will ever have to deal. I am here to provide facts, reassurance, and the best possible legal representation. My law office is passionate about assisting you to achieve a successful resolution of your case.

Effective Divorce Lawyer Serving Roanoke, VA

To best assist you throughout your divorce, I focus on meeting your needs, keeping you informed, and minimizing conflicts and hostility with the other party as best as possible to achieve an optimal, fair resolution. However, I will work to defend the best interests of you and/or your children with the most effective means at my disposal if the opposing party chooses to engage in hostile tactics. If you are considering divorce, contact me as soon as possible to best protect your rights.

Child Custody and Visitation Lawyer in Roanoke, VA

At James P. Cargill, P.C., Attorney at Law, I have almost three decades of experience assisting families with handling child custody and visitation-related issues in Roanoke, Virginia and the surrounding vicinities. I am familiar with the processes and laws involved in this special legal area and am able to help you navigate the child custody system to ensure that the best possible results are achieved.

The primary concern of the courts when considering child custody matters is the child’s health, safety, and welfare, as well as the benefits of continuing contact with both parents, as appropriate. I will work with you to present the best strategy for your case while avoiding excessive complications and expenses. If the other party is dangerous, combative, or uncooperative, I will work to ensure that your case moves forward without delay.

I assist our clients with securing all types of child custody including:

Physical Custody

Legal Custody

Sole Custody

My law office will represent you whether you are petitioning for custody or are the respondent. I handle initial filings as well as custody and visitation modifications. Assistance with mediation, as well as court hearings, is available.


Experienced Child Support Attorney in Roanoke, VA

It is important that each child receive appropriate financial support to ensure that he is able to reach his best potential in life. Attorney James P. Cargill has the experience and skills necessary to best represent the interests of your child in all aspects of his life, including assurance that he receives appropriate child support to meet his needs in Roanoke, Virginia and throughout the surrounding areas.

I handle both petitions and responses to child support orders and work hard to present accurate evidence to meet the criteria set forth by the formulas of Virginia state law regarding child support payments. If you are considering petitioning or modifying an existing child support order, please plan to gather all pay stubs, w-2s, tax forms, and other financial information that will be required to be presented at your hearing.

Knowledgeable Adoption Attorney in Roanoke, VA

If you are considering adoption in or around Roanoke, Virginia, contact James P. Cargill before you take any steps. I will ensure that your rights are protected and that the process proceeds as smoothly as possible in order to make the adoption experience the joyful experience that it should be.

There is an extensive list of complications that may arise during the adoption process and I strongly recommend that you consult with me prior to discussing your adoption plans with anyone. I have the knowledge to ensure that your adoption proceeds as intended. As the laws regarding adoption are dynamic and continually changing, I recommend that you not make any assumptions regarding adoption law. If adoption is your goal, contact me and I will provide answers to your legal questions.

If you are experiencing child custody or visitation issues, child support concerns, or are considering divorce or adoption, let me put my valuable experience to work for you and assist you with achieving legal resolution of the matter. Call James P. Cargill, P.C., Attorney at Law at: (540) 400-7381.